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Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Can I trust you with my credit card details?

We use Stripe, a leading payment gateway to process payments. We don't store or even see your credit card details. Stripe stores them securely for us. Read about Stripe security practices here.

Can I try My Fitness Class for free?

Yes, absolutely! When you sign up for an account you have unlimited access to My Fitness Class for 1 month, to see if its right for you. We do not require any payment information upfront, simply sign up and start using. After your free trial month, you can subscribe to My Fitness Class through the dashboard.

Do I need an internet connection to use the mobile app?

You will need an internet connection when logging into the app. This enables us to authenticate your account with our servers. Once logged in, you are free to use the mobile app without an internet connection to create classes, members, and take registers. Any information entered when the device is not connected to the internet will be stored on the app until it next connects to the internet, at which point the app will automatically send the data seamlessly to our servers, making it available to all your devices and your online dashboard.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you have cancelled your subscription, no future payments will be taken and you will continue to have access to My Fitness Class for the remainder of that subscription period.